Luxembourg International Art Fair

Luxembourg International Art Fair

Jan Astner’s works can be found at many different art exhibitions. One of them is art fairs. The artist takes part in several world art fairs every year. One of the most interesting in which he participated was the Art Fair in Luxembourg. Luxembourg is a city with many art galleries and prestigious art fairs.

Jan Aster’s works presented at the art fair in Luxembourg came from the last few series. Works by „Sybaritic Poses” and „Voluptuous Towns” were presented, among others. Paintings from the „Voluptuous Towns” series enjoyed particular interest. The stand featured works from Jan Astner’s last trip to Spain. Art lovers could admire the works of: Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Jerez de La Frontera, Alicante, Valencia and Santander.

Every city is different because a city is not only about urban planning and architecture. Each city has unique people, different ways of life, different customs. We all know it: cities have their scents, their color palette, mysterious nooks and crannies, manicured lawns and mountains of rubbish on the sidewalks, neighborhoods of prosperity and poverty. It is us, their creators and residents who make them as they are, unique in their own, different, fascinating way. It is people who create them, their beauty and ugliness. It is the inhabitants who create the cityscapes.

New opportunities

Jan Astner gave several interviews during the art fair. Meetings with art critics and art curators resulted in establishing new contacts and planning the artist’s next exhibitions. The number of art fairs organized in Europe is constantly growing. They have become a new formula for presenting artists and meeting art lovers. In one place, they could simultaneously see the works of several dozen artists.

Meetings with local architects and designers were an additional benefit. Jan Astner collaborates on a permanent basis with decor and designers working for institutional collectors. The Art Fair is also an opportunity for artists to establish new contacts and exchange views with other artists who exhibit their works.