JanAstner.com Legal Information

The information provided on the JanAstner.com website is only informative, does not represent offers within the meaning of the relevant provisions, is not binding and is provided for information purposes only. More detailed information and purchase conditions for the presented artwork can be obtained from the artist or other representatives representing him/her. It is not possible to conclude a contract for the artwork presented on the basis of the information on the website.

At any time, and without notice, JanAstner.com may change, delete or update its websites and the artwork and services described thereon. Unless expressly stated otherwise, JanAstner.com sites do not contain any guarantees or information about the parameters of the artwork presented. The presented artwork and materials on the JanAstner.com website do not cause JanAstner.com liability in relation to the current validity, accuracy, completeness and quality of the given information. All materials are provided by the represented artists and are their property or the artists have declared that they have the rights to them.

JanAstner.com is not responsible for the operation of the website. Liability for any direct or indirect loss and damage, claims for damages and / or consequential damages of any kind and regardless of the legal basis incurred as a result of accessing or using the websites, is hereby excluded. This applies in particular to the infection of the computer environment with viruses. If you do not agree with this provision, you should immediately stop using JanAstner.com.

Information regarding external references

JanAstner.com contains links to third-party external websites. As we have no influence on the content of third parties – we do not assume any liability for this content. The provider or operator is responsible for the content of individual websites to which they redirect links. At the time of linking, no illegal content was found. If any links are found to be unlawful, we receive or detect reasonable and specific information indicating a violation, they will be immediately removed.

Worldwide artwork availability

This website may contain information about artist products that are not yet / already available. The presence of such information on JanAstner.com does not mean that the artist or artist representative will provide more information on future artwork plans. Complete information on the work and plans of artists can only be obtained from them personally or their representatives.

Trademarks and Copyright

The markings and logos on JanAstner.com are the property of JanAstner.com. No information on these pages may be understood as granting a license or permission to use marks. To this end, explicit written consent of JanAstner.com is required. Unauthorized use of both verbal and pictorial markings is strictly prohibited. JanAstner.com will claim its property rights worldwide, subject to the applicable laws in each case.

All texts, graphics, animations, music, sounds and other materials on these pages are subject to copyright law and other intellectual property laws. JanAstner.com makes them available with the consent and on request of the represented artists. JanAstner.com owns the copyright for the selection, coordination and arrangement of the materials on this site. The presented materials may not be copied for commercial use without the consent of the owners. They may not be changed or transferred to other parties.

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