Art Salon Antwerp

Art Salon in Antwerpen

The International Art Salon Antwerp was another event this year where Jan Astner presented his works. The artist takes part in a dozen or so international art fairs annually, presenting his latest works there. In Antwerp, Jan Astner presented work from several series. The largest part of the exhibition was devoted to works from the series „Tranquilidad„. There, the series presents large paintings painted in a post-painterly abstraction style. The International Art Salon in Antwerp is an annual event recognized in the artistic community. The art salon was visited by tens of thousands of people, mainly art lovers, art critics, art curators. Art Salons have become a very attractive formula for presenting the works of many artists. Both a gallery and independent artists exhibit at the fair. The art salon is usually located in large exhibition halls. The main advantage of such art salons is their easy accessibility.

Jan Astner uses Art Salons both to present his works and to establish new contacts. Most of his work is offered by the artist through art dealers and art professionals. Close cooperation with interior architects, decorator and designers allows for the selection of works of art to the expectations of institutional collectors. The artist’s works are bought for hotel and restaurant offices and public buildings. The art salon does not exhibit any particular art style. For this reason, art lovers can see work created in a wide variety of styles and forms. The artist focuses his artistic activity on paintings, graphics and drawings. In total, 24 paintings were presented.

The painter exhibits his paintings in the style of abstract painting in series. He places them meticulously in a certain order, isolated from elements that could disturb the reception. The aim of this activity is to achieve the feeling of infinity, limitlessness. The image is supposed to completely fill the observer’s field of vision, to absorb him with color, mood and feeling. In this way, the artist wants to exclude the recipient from everyday life, to shift into the world of dreams, the „Tranquilidad” mood. Therefore, watching a painting should take place in solitude, it should be a very intimate, individual feeling.