Artistic credo

The world in which a man lives, consists of his interior and his surroundings. These are two different worlds, often contradictory or inconsistent. Each of us is different and receives their surroundings differently. It is the same when it comes to how we are received. The series shows the richness and diversity of people and their relationships with the environment they live in. Each painting is an analysis of the interaction between the internal and external world of man, in the material, sensual as well as psychological sphere. To present this uniqueness and diversity, Jan Astner is using a different technique of applying paint on the canvas each time.

Jan Astner art statement

I work in acrylic because of its elasticity, delicacy and durability. The readiness of the acrylic paint for transformation, both in terms of form and texture, makes it an ideal medium for discovering the iconic meaning of the symbolism of the world that surrounds us. Unique colors makes me happy and painting is my passion, oxygen for my creativity. I value color for its powerful symbolism and use it to communicate emotions and moods. Although the themes of each series of my paintings are different, color remains their constant theme.

I did all of my work using mixed media. Combining many different materials, techniques with acrylic paints I get unexpected effects. I often use metallic and fluorescent tones. Such unique colors emphasize the metaphysical nature of the work. Contrast combinations enrich it with a sophisticated connotation.

The symbolism of my paintings contains emotions. I use different forms and shapes to express directly a specific emotional atmosphere. I often use unreal color combinations and fantastic material structure to emphasize emotionality, innovative interpretation and the delicate charm of abstraction.