SYBARITIC POSES big scale acts

The world in which a person lives consists of an interior and surroundings. They are two different worlds, often conflicting or inconsistent. Each of us is different and we are perceiving our surroundings differently. The same applies to the way we are perceived by the world that surrounds us. “Sybaritic poses”, is a cycle that shows the richness and diversity of people and their relationships with the environment in which they live. Each image is an analysis of the interaction between the internal and external world in the material, sensual and psychological sphere. To show this uniqueness and diversity Jan Astner choses an appealing and unique technique of applying paint to the canvas.


Spaces, double spaces on every canvas. And contours. Strong strokes. So strong that they do not allow one space to penetrate the other. The outer one is softer in expression, maybe somehow moody, a little ascetic, coldly observing what is happening in the inner one. Or rather, it is completely detached from it. The inner one is active. A lot is happening here: storming, moving, shifting. But no move or attempt to go outside. In each „Sybaritic Poses” painting a sharp, painfully clear line does not allow it. This inner space is not only defended by a continuous, firm line, but also defends itself. What is inside is not supported by the outside. The outside does not have any energy, is passive.

Contours of a body, contours of a female body. Open, receptive, receiving but at the same time cuddled. In itself? Maybe it is a blissful rest after an extravaganza of overeating, maybe a feeling of fulfillment, or maybe just a desire to show saturation, femininity, show what is appealing, permissive, provocative? These „Sybaritic Poses” are unlimited in their limitation. In the limited frame, within these confidently drawn thick lines, strokes, a search for pleasure. In yourself and for yourself. Such a tempting way of worshiping yourself. Or maybe a desire to be seen in this relaxation, a desire to display your body open to pleasure …