SYNESTHETIC GARDEN at Corridor Gallery – art exhibition

Jan Astner SYNESTHETIC GARDENS art exhibition

We associate art exhibitions with statically presented works of art in an exhibition hall. Jan Astner in the SYNESTHETIC GARDEN series deals with the subject of synesthesia. There are several types of synesthesia, the most common of which is color hearing: a person who hears sound can see colors at the same time, or vice versa. This mechanism creates a synesthetic hearing sensation in the brain when viewing colors. Colors usually appear before your eyes as you hear the first sounds.

We perceive art individually. No two people see and feel the world in the same way. Different impressions concern every sense and even higher cognitive functions. You don’t need exceptional abilities to imagine influencing other senses. Jan Astner uses the idea of ​​synesthesia in the form of synesthetic metaphors and encourages us to multi-sensual perception of painting. It stimulates our senses, intrigues with color combinations. During art exhibitions, he offers guests products with surprising flavors, in the background we hear sounds and smell scents in the air. The senses of participants in synesthetic sessions are stimulated by omnipresent impulses.

A synesthetic painting theater

During art exhibitions, the painter recommends the viewers to watch the paintings closely. He suggests looking at selected elements of the picture at the same time tasting the served dishes, listening to the surrounding sounds. The goal is to intensify the sensual perception of the image. Jan Astner’s paintings are less about the decorative form of the works than about stimulating the senses. Jan proposes a new formula for the reception of art based on the multi-sensual reception of painting. He proposes to go beyond the existing conventions of sensual feeling.

Jan Astner’s Art exhibitions are performances. Screenings whose form differs from the standards of art reception. The very process that viewers go through is a unique experience. Fluorescent light changes colors and surprises with reflections. The image changes under the influence of lighting as the viewing angle changes.

The idea behind Jan Astner’s art exhibitions is to broaden our perception. The artist draws our attention to the fact that only a fraction of what our senses perceive reaches our consciousness. He urges us to slow down, to concentrate on what surrounds us.