Jan Astner studied architecture and fine arts in Poland and the USA.

He practices painting, drawing, computer graphics and photography. Recent projects come from the fascination of multi sensual perception. Paintings are elements of performances based on the idea of synesthetic metaphors – abstractly combined sensual experiences create individual feelings for each participant.

Jan Astner exhibited in Europe and the USA as well as he ran a summer authorial gallery in Smogen, Sweden and Izabelin, Poland. For 25 years he has been dealing with consultancy in the field of building and managing brand image. Lives and works in Izabelin, Poland and Jerez de la Frontera, Spain.

He realises his works in series that combine reflection on a man in relation to the world around him in the age of posthumanism and transhumanism. Using process painting and his own developed techniques in acrylic technology, he chooses the means of expression to present the issues bothering him.

– Voluptuous Towns – impressions referring to visited cities, presenting the city as a place of life, where the theme is not architecture and urban planning, but the emotions and experiences associated with the socio-cultural space noted by the author.

–  Sybaritic Poses – analysis of the interaction between the internal and external world of man, both in the material, sensual and psychological sphere.

– Transhuman Visions – reflection on the changes of the human body, its beautification and modification. The art of calligraphy, minimalist painting with a very sophisticated form.

– Synesthetic Landscapes – multi sensual pretexts for personal perception. What tastes can be seen in the picture? What colours of the sounds can be heard? What is the relation between the touch and the colour? Etc.

Very personal, evoking your own, individual, only called associations and experiences that surround us in a natural way, simple, easy, gentle to absorb.


Adgar Gallery, Warsaw

Brain Embassy Gallery, Warsaw

IAXAI Gallery, Izabelin

Maya Gallery, Toruń

Galeria po Schodach, Bielsko Biała

Galeria Nowa Brama, Słupsk

Galeria Ars Nova, Łódź

Galeria Na Wprost, Iława

Galeria DNA, Wrocław

Galeria Triada, Gdańsk

Galeria Akcent, Białystok

Galeria Uznański, Łódź

Galeria Ether, Warszawa

Galeria Freta 22, Warszawa

Galeria Javier Roman, Malaga, Spain

Pałac w Leźnie, Leźno

Galeria Halszka, Poznań

Galeria Pałac Staniszów

Galleri Littorina, Smogen, Sweden

Lots Trapan Gallery, Kungshamn, Sweden

Galleri Peter Rudlow, Sweden

Galeria Petite Fleur, Toruń

Galeria Arton, Warsaw

Galeria Pałacu Promnice

Galeria Pałac Myślęcinek

Galeria przy Grunwaldzkiej, Poznań

Pałac Teresin Gallery, Teresin

Galeria Pałacu Wiejce, Wiejce

Galeria Zamku Brody, Brody

Galeria Zamek Krokowa, Krokowa

AdPrimum Art, Rzeszów

Galeria Pałacu Nieznanice, Nieznanice

Galeria Pałac Żagań, Żagań

Galeria Zamek Rzucewo, Rzucewo

Galeria Ewelina, Nałęczów

Galeria Pałac Wąsowo, Wąsowo

Galeria Pałac Leźno, Leźno

Galeria Green Hotel, Komorniki

Pałac Staniszów, Jelenia Góra

Art Fairs:

International Art Fair,  Toulouse, France

Targi Sztuki Dostępnej, Warsaw, Poland

Luxembourg Art Fair, Luxembourg

Art Fair Carrousel du Louvre, Paris, France

Brussel Art Fair, Brussel, Belgium

Lyon International Art Fair, Lyon, France

Antwerpen Art Fair, Antwerpen, Belgium