TRANSHUMAN PORTRAITS – art vernissage at Brain Embassy

The IAXAI Brain Embassy Art Gallery once again organized an exhibition and art vernissage by Jan Astner. This time, works from the TRANSHUMAN PORTRAITS series were presented. Twenty four works from this series were shown in the gallery’s exhibition rooms. The exhibition was opened by a unique art vernissage, which was visited in large numbers by art professionals and journalists. The artist gave several interviews, explaining the idea behind the presented series of abstract portraits.

The gallery has allocated three rooms for the purposes of the art vernissage. Each of them featured works in different lighting. Exposing the works in different colored light created abstract reflections, even an impression of unreality. Dehumanized images, technically painted, works illuminated with unnatural light gave this art vernissage a unique atmosphere.

The Art Gallery invited recognized critics, curators and collectors to the art vernissage. A significant number of collectors were institutional collectors and architects, interior designers looking for works for office interiors and public spaces. Such a large group of designers is the result of a close cooperation between the gallery and designers. They are looking for cycles of abstract art to decorate public spaces such as offices, restaurants and hotels. It is an increasingly common practice – designers advise on the selection of works of art.

Ongoing project

Jan Astner paints abstract portraits as visions of the future. The artist turned the portrait into a vision of something new, different. It is an ongoing project as new compositions are constantly being created in this series. They are not strictly speaking portraits. Rather sketches of images of the man of the future. Notes from the dehumanized, technologically reconfigured future. It is a vision of the future where the face will disappear, the way we visualize it, how we perceive it. TRANSHUMAN PORTRAITS are sketches of something that is no longer a face, but rather a form of transition to another, yet unknown reality. The unique art vernissage was to convey the idea of ​​a series of paintings as a vision of the future.

The gallery has been active on the local art market for several years. During its exhibitions, it combines exhibitions of ambitious painting, unique graphics and abstract photography cycles. Such a wide spectrum of art disciplines encourages viewers to visit frequently and participate in art vernissages. The curators cooperating with the gallery emphasize the importance of such exhibitions. They allow to better understand abstract art. The curators each time plan art vernissages as unique performances that will remain in the participants' memory for a long time. This is one of the creative and unique forms of promoting abstract artists.