TRANSHUMAN PORTRAITS exhibition at the Art Gallery

Transhuman Portraits” is an exhibition at the Art Gallery. Jan Astner presented the last works from this series. Small spaces allow for a very intimate presentation of Jan Astner’s works. Each illuminated image is an independent light source. This approach to displaying images allows for their unique viewing. Viewers have very close contact with the work. Each person perceives a different image depending on the viewing angle. Works painted on a dark background reflect the light of fluorescent or reflective paint. This lighting technique allows you to create unique visual experiences.

The exhibition at the art gallery had a unique character. All images are the same size. Presented on the gallery walls, they arrange themselves in an abstract rhythm. Viewers had the impression of a world unreal. This way they entered a new space – unusual, unique and very surprising. In five rooms of the art gallery, the curator placed the paintings in such a way that the viewer had contact with each painting independently. The pictures hang exactly at eye level.

The presented exhibition in the art gallery refers to the future. Jan Astner adopted transhumanism as the theme of his works. According to the ideologues of transhumanism, man is a transitional being. We live in an era of unprecedented pace of progress. Transhumanists believe that the goal of technological progress is to create the perfect form of a superman. A super man perfected by biotechnology and gene manipulation. Unlimited by modeling the brain.

The exhibition at the IAXAI art gallery lasted two weeks. Small rooms of the art gallery present several dozen works. Nearly 100 people visited the exhibition during the opening. Among them were art critics, curators and collectors. The exhibition was seen by several hundred people.