TRANHUMAN PORTRAITS at IAXAI Contemporary Art Gallery

TRANSHUMAN PORTRAITS at Contemporary Art Gallery

Jan Astner often presents his works at exhibitions at the Contemporary Art Gallery in a very unique way. An example of this is the exhibition of the transhuman visions portrait series at the IAXAI gallery.

The works of the TRANSHUMAN PORTRAITS series refer to the themes of posthumanism and transhumanism. Jan Astner combines in his paintings metaphysical, anthropological and cultural values. The subject of his interest and concern is humanism. That is why he gave the form of abstract portraits to his paintings. He creates imaginary „face-forms”, painted alla prima, in muted and austere colors.


All of Jan Asner’s works from the TRANSHUMAN PORTRAITS series are made in the same format. A characteristic feature of this series is a bright background and a uniquely painted drawing with blood-colored paints. To achieve a unique effect, the artist and the curator of the exhibition prepared special lighting. Each work is illuminated with a unique light source that highlights the metallic surfaces, creating a unique visual experience.

Only paintings are lit in the dark rooms of the IAXAI Contemporary Art Gallery’s exhibition rooms. The viewers entering the room enter an abstract space. Spotlighting directs their attention to the pictures. Each of the works shines with its own light, emphasizing the drawing and the uniqueness of the presented form.

During the vernissage and visiting the exhibition, the presentation of works was combined with freestyle jazz. Jan Astner invited young musicians, allowing them to perform freely and creatively. In each of the rooms of the Contemporary Art Gallery IAXAI one can hear a piece of different music in the background, created by a different composer. The musical pieces are very short so that the viewer can move from one painting to another to the rhythm of the music presented. The aim of this procedure is to draw attention to the abstract nature of the works and the subject of transhumanism. The TRANSHUMAN PORTRAITS exhibition is an invitation to discuss the future of humanism.