SYNESTHETIC GARDEN- color in abstraction

Jan Astner – color in abstraction

Color in abstraction is for Jan Astner of exceptional importance and the first impression of the contact with his works of the  SYNESTHETIC GARDEN series shows that. The artist uses large patches of color. Color is the most important element of the  SYNESTHETIC GARDEN series. The artist uses color in abstraction to convey its emotional impact. The artist using color field painting aims to create the illusion of large, unlimited spaces. This creates a strong emotional effect.

Jan simplified the painting technique. He paints large surfaces flat, even delicately. The thin layer of paint, however, is intense and juicy as it expresses sublimation and infinity. The color selection is unique. Among the colors used, we will not find obvious, simple, well-known colors. The uniqueness of the color is also emphasized by unusual color combinations. Astner’s color in abstraction has a life of its own. In this way, Jan wants to show infinity. He is looking for a medium to describe the persistence of certain states – a person’s striving for happiness. Not the state of happiness itself, but the search for it, which he considers a permanent process. He recognizes it as the goal of life.

Synethetic Garden series of paintings

The force effect is achieved through fragments of a perfectly smooth surface of the picture. The paint gently covers the surface of the canvas OF SYNESTHETIC GARDEN. It is flat, without the expressive drawing that the brush leaves. On the other hand, selected passages are enriched so that they vibrate. He uses various combinations of color planes. Sometimes sharp, contrasting colors meet and fight each other. Elsewhere, the transition from one color to another is smooth by using colors of similar value. As a result, the images are dynamic and vibrating. This variability is surprising at times, and at other times it is very natural. He masters color in abstraction. That is why he uses metallic paints that change color depending on the viewing location.