SYBARITIC POSES – abstract painting on paper

SYBARITIC POSES – abstract painting 

Jan Astner exhibits his works in the style of abstract painting in series. He places them meticulously in a specific order, isolated from elements that could disturb the reception. The aim of this activity is to achieve the feeling of infinity, limitlessness. The image is supposed to completely fill the observer’s field of vision, to absorb him with color, mood and feeling. In this way, the artist wants to exclude the viewer from everyday life, to shift into the world of dreams, the sybaritic mood. Therefore, watching a painting should take place in solitude, it should be a very intimate, individual experience.

Astner often talks about his abstract painting as a sublimation of feelings. He understands it as a shift of unacceptable will, needs and expectations to creativity. However, he does not treat sublimation as a defense mechanism, but as a transfer to another world, a world of immaterial feelings and impressions. A world whose idealism differs from everyday’s life. He invites you to visit this world in his abstract painting.

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The second issue that the artist studies in abstract painting is creative motivation. He understands motivation as putting oneself into the appropriate emotional state or attitude. The work, in this case a painting, is to be a bridge between everyday life and the world of unique experiences. Motivation is independent and much stronger than all external factors that affect us. He encourages the viewer to learn what he considers valuable, to understand what he understands sybaritism.

For Astner, artistic motivation is a moment of pure joy resulting from creation. The satisfaction he gets with abstract painting is always tremendous. With his works, he encourages us to break away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and to enter another world abstractly. To adopt the sybaritic pose. He believes that the recipients of his works develop themselves in this process.

People should spend time getting to know themselves, their experiences and needs. Time devoted to it is not an effort, but pure pleasure. The factors of creativity motivation understood in this way are: new objects, sensations, information evoking emotions, curiosity and creating challenges. Intensive, autonomous cognitive motivation is a necessary developmental condition for shaping the creative abilities of each of us. As a result, there is a motivation to change, to improve yourself and to change the world of your feelings. It’s about sensitizing. The tool is abstract painting aimed at creating motives, aspirations and aspirations resulting from the need for development. In this approach, the emotions accompanying art modify the motivational system for expanding our feelings. The most important emotions that stimulate creative activity seem to be pleasure, love and affection. And this is what SYBARITIC POSES by Jan Astner is about.