SYBARITIC POSES – abstract acts

SYBARITIC POSES are abstract acts. The images show contours of the body, the contours of the female body. The form suggests a blissful sybaritic rest, it emanates saturation with oneself, femininity, and what is attractive. They are freely endless poses, bodies satisfied with themselves. Such tempting worship of your being, yourself in an emotionally comfortable environment. Sybaritism is a lazy, comfortable lifestyle in luxury and prosperity, the idea of ​​a prosperous life, indulging in pleasure.

Abstract acts – post-painterly art

The first impression of contact with the works of Jan Astner of the SYBARITIC POSES series is the power of color. Large areas of color referring to color field painting. The second impression is the double spaces on each abstract act. Strong contours. Strongly marked and dividing the image into parts. The division is so decisive that it does not allow both spaces to penetrate. It creates two worlds. The abstract act and background on which it is presented. This outer part is softer in expression, a bit ascetic, it coolly reflects what is happening in the inner part. The interior is rich, showing the richness of sybaritic life. There is life, activity.

In his abstract acts, Jan Astner looks for an answer to the question of how much potential for expression color contains. The color intensity is stunning. The painter analyzes how it is possible to create the illusion of existence, almost physical presence. He is not interested in movement, but in a static pose, a specific state. State of contentment, satisfaction, happiness. Color is the most essential element of the SYBARITIC POSES series of abstract acts. It was applied decisively to show its emotional impact. Jan chooses the colors very carefully. Thanks to this, he wants to achieve an emotional effect of great power.

Jan Astner’s series of artworks

The artist used a precise line and rigorously limited the composition. The abstract form is meant to express the infinity of the process. To achieve this goal, the naturalistic representation of nature is eliminated, tradition or associations with any clearly defined object are rejected. Abstract acts exist implicitly, they arenot obvious or direct.

In his works, Jan wants to show the infinity and durability of certain states. He considers the pursuit of happiness as a permanent process. He recognizes it as the goal of life. Moving from one color to another, he uses colors of similar value, other times strongly contrasting. In this way, it symbolizes a search for fulfillment, happiness. The artist knows that lasting happiness is impossible. That is why the forms of abstract acts are fluid, shaky, changeable, not always obvious.