Series of drawings – COINCIDENCES

The Coincidences is a series of drawings. A world of fairy-tale landscapes, unusual forms, transformed fields, and sky. Clouds that are not clouds, fields that are not fields. Full of details, precisely drawn with a calligraphic pen and brush. Drawn with precision, as we write letters – each character, each line is consciously marked on the paper.

An imaginary, unreal enchanted landscape. The whole series of drawings is a dream landscape, imaginary, designed, and created by the artist. Full of details. Full of plastic spaces, which, although drawn with black lines on a white background, create a rug of colorful, lush ornaments.

Black and white landscapes

Jan Astner is a color painter. He loves intense, bright colors, and plays with their combinations and variety of forms. It contrasts and weaves them into charming and unpretentiously intense, unique ranges. Because nature is very rich and very colorful. In a series of drawings, The Coincidences, Astner translated his approach to color into a drawing. The artist urges us to open the gates to the imagination, to translate a monochrome drawing into a sensual world of colors.

Coincidences – black and white drawings by Jan Astner

Abstract series of drawing shows contours of shapes of landscapes. The forms suggest a blissful rest, relaxation and space. Soft forms of drawing may be a symbol of fulfillment full of happiness. Artist creates forms that are unlimited by limitation. The series of drawings suggest the sublimation of memories. Jan Astner goal required reflection and a conscious choice of means. Large patches of vibrating forms accentuate the abstract drawing. The selected fragments of the picture, limited by lines resonate.

Artist divided large surfaces of paper into unambiguous parts and filled them with uniform, flat patches of black color drawing. He put an abstract drawing on the surfaces.. This vague drawing suggests not named abstract landscapes. A drawing blends with the image, becoming an integral part of the composition.