Non-objective paintings – SYNESTHETIC GARDEN series

SYNESTHETIC GARDEN – non-objective paintings

In the series of non-objective paintings called, SYNESTHETIC GARDEN, Jan Astner tells us about his multi sensual perception of the world. He spins anecdotes about our split vision of the world. About deformations between what is real and what creates our consciousness. Abstract compositions of artworks. Elements of colorful paintings, telling stories composed of both anxiety and rhythmic order. He moves smoothly from evolution to analysis. Jan Astner’s non-objective paintings are full of emotional tension capable of showing very subtle emotions.

The SYNESTHETIC GARDEN series is a perverse record of very individual feelings. The artist writes down his experiences and emotions in abstract compositions. Jan Astner combines the presentation of abstract forms with the individual intimacy of thoughts. His artwork is always the beginning of a story.  It leads the viewer to the threshold of an unknown and fantastic world. In his non-objective artwork, Jan manipulates the shapes and forms of the picture, which he plays freely with, lures, deceives the viewer’s perception. 

Multi sensual visions

When observing the world, a person can easily distinguish sounds from smells, images from shapes. However, this is not always the case. Sometimes the information provided by different senses becomes unusually combined. This is synesthesia.

Synesthesia is a state or ability in which the experiences of one sense are also evoked by experiences characteristic of other senses, One can „see” or „feel” the colors, touch „smells”. Images from this are a pretext for a personal interpretation of the world of the senses. Synesthetic metaphors in non-objective paintings suggest the viewer’s imagination with different senses in an involuntary and unstaged way.

The artist consciously gave his SYNESTHETIC GARDENS a dreamlike character. Astner’s abstract forms resemble unreal gardens or spaces. It is a series of non-objective paintings suspended in imagination, in irrationality that is in contradiction with experience. Art of  non-objective paintings