Tranquilidad means „Calm”, „peace of mind”, „harmony” in Spanish.

Our minds are flooded with a constant wave of thoughts that never give us peace, even when we sleep. This can lead to exhaustion and a sense of being lost. A fourth state of consciousness has recently been discovered, which manifests itself by increased intensity of alpha waves in the central and anterior parts of the brain. This state is called transcendental, because it gives a sense of security and internal harmony. It is also calming and cleansing the mind. By learning to be in it, we can find our own way to joy and peace. Intuitively, we all know that regeneration of mental strength is possible only in peace and quiet, during internal concentration.


Light, subdued, appealing sensually and by the sensitivity of the colours. A world of changeability and stability, a shimmering depth that releases the imagination. Very personal, evoking individual associations and experiences known only to us, these paintings surround us in a natural way, envelop us, but are at the same time simple, easy, gentle in assimilation. They penetrate us. You can wake up to them, find calm by looking at them …

Choose your artwork

Let’s choose our own, unique peace. Maybe the aquamarine, light, transparent scarves made of gauze, floating in space of our imagination, maybe the seaweed that a gently retreating sea left on the shore? Or a gingerbread spice garden: colors that bring to our mind the smell of cinnamon, nutmeg, orange peel? There are as many possibilities as there are pairs of eyes that take in this world of harmony, of tranquilidad, so let’s turn to it, to bring a smile of contentment on our face …