Painting exhibition at WESTIN Hotel Gallery

Voluptuous Towns – painting exhibition

An exhibition of Jan Astner’s paintings took place at the Westin Hotel’s art gallery. The artist presented paintings from the Voluptuous Towns series. The painting exhibition was combined with a meeting with the artist.

Jan Astner’s cityscapes, presented at the painting exhibition in Westin Gallery, are painted using the imprint method, without the use of a brush. Stamped with all kinds of tools and planes. Referring to cubism, macro pointillism – very rich and multi-layered. The structure of an image can be studied many times, and each time we discover something new. This richness results from the variety of the painting technique used and emphasizes the sensuality of the paintings.

Painting exhibition of cityscapes. Each city is different because a city is not only about urban planning and architecture. Each city has unique people, different ways of life, different customs. We all know it: cities have their scents, their color palette, mysterious nooks and crannies, manicured lawns and mountains of rubbish on the sidewalks, neighborhoods of prosperity and poverty. It is us, their creators and residents who make them as they are, unique in their own, different, fascinating way. It is people who create them, their beauty and ugliness. It is the inhabitants who create the cityscapes.

An art exhibition is traditionally a space where art objects, in this case paintings, meet the audience. A painting exhibition is commonly understood as an exhibition for a period of time. Pictures, drawings, videos and sound were presented during the exhibition. The painting exhibition is an opportunity to exchange ideas, experiences and interact with members of the community. She was a great source of exposure to beautiful works of art, as well as new ideas and currently unknown aspects of looking at the city.