CUMULATIONS post-painterly abstraction

Cumulations, or plastic reflections on social relations.

Another series of post-painterly abstraction works by Jan Astner, because, according to the author, only a series allows for a real message, a transmission of his ideas and thoughts. To discuss the topic with the recipient. This is not a literal message, it cannot be in the formula chosen by the artist, but a thorough analysis of the notion of relationship from the perspective of symbolic interactionism, done by creating multi-level structures and in varying degrees of interdependence. Astner looks at individuals from the perspective of entire social groups and entire communities in relation to the individual.

Post-painterly abstraction

In the CUMULATIONS series, thanks to the inclusion of social relations in the abstract formula and through the prism of the social actor’s consciousness, the artist moves from presenting the relationships of individual elements to entire systems, surprises with a wealth of colorful and formal symbols. This makes these paintings visually intriguing and socially unique. Astner does this instinctively, trusting, and rightly so, his artistic intuition, thanks to which he obtains plastic ambiguity.

The chosen form: oval, does not stand for an unequivocal interpretation that is simple in its transmission and reception. Quite the opposite: underlying this choice of form is a dramatic visual and social metaphor. It is an abstract language, a language of form, color, multilayeredness, which communicates to the recipient its view of society. 

As an individual post-painterly abstraction creator, Astner stands in front of the viewer, showing his reception of interpersonal relations, and the oval is a perfect medium for stimulating his imagination.
Mapping social relations in a painting is unique. In this context, the social theme of CUMULATIONS is an indisputable advantage.