CUMULATIONS – abstract art at IAXAI Gallery

CUMULATIONS – abstract art

The idea of ​​abstract art is a very broad one. In his works, Jan Astner breaks with the tradition of copying reality. There are no recognizable items in them. The painter studies abstract subjects and presents his thoughts in the form of abstract art. CUMULATIONS are discussions about social relations.

Abstract art can relate to many topics and present a variety of topics. Due to the abstract form, it happens in a non-literal way. The series of CUMULATIONS pictures in an abstract form, describes social relations. It is a series of paintings in which the author paints his thoughts, feelings and experiences. His artistic concept is subordinated to an abstract idea. The art forms used to create the paintings were completely incapacitated. Stains, colors and composition are reduced to an abstract art system that performs its role as a tool.


Jan Astner uses abstract art in an absolutely conscious way. The images have a clear composition, and in their formal aspect they are obvious. The abstraction of the form has even become an ornament. A general idea. Describing the essence of his idea, the artist creates his own language. In the case of Astner’s work, this is a general view, a statement that is weakly related to reality, not based on facts but embracing every human being.

The idea itself seems impossible to implement. How to describe social relations with abstract signs? How to describe non-obvious, fluid situations? How to convey the moods and emotions associated with them? In the beginning, it is something vague and difficult to understand. Over time, by studying the images, we learn to interpret them. We decode abstract art.

Astner’s paintings convey concepts that have no counterpart in a specific subject, such as beauty, relations between elements. Each painting by Jan Astner creates a new approach to interpreting the environment. The artist’s studio creates works of abstract art that do not have direct reference to forms and objects observed in nature, having no direct meaning beyond the artist’s own thinking.