SYBARITIC POSES the exhibition of painting

SYBARITIC POSES is an exhibition of painting at the HORNOWEK IAXAI art gallery. Jan Astner presented several recent works from this series. Large spaces allowed for a full presentation of Jan Astner’s works. Each painting has found its unique place in the gallery space. This approach to displaying images allows for their unique viewing. Viewers have very close contact with the work.

The works are flat, unique in technique. This painting technique allows you to create unique visual impressions. The dairy exhibition of painting at the IAXAI art gallery had a unique character. All images are the same size. Presented on the gallery walls, they arrange themselves in an abstract rhythm. Viewers have entered a new space – unusual, unique and very surprising. In six rooms of the art gallery, the curator arranged the paintings so that the viewer could contact each painting independently.

In his abstract nudes, Jan Astner looks for an answer to the question of how much potential for expression color contains. The color intensity is stunning. The painter analyzes how it is possible to create the illusion of existence, almost physical presence. He is not interested in movement, but in a static pose, a specific state. State of contentment, satisfaction, happiness.

Color is the most essential element of the SYBARITIC POSES series of abstract nudes. It was applied decisively to show its emotional impact. Jan chooses the colors very carefully. Thanks to this, he wants to achieve an emotional effect of great power.

Each artist has a different approach to the world, to himself, to art. It is difficult to say what artistic inspirations guided the artist and influenced his works. Everyone is different and looks at the world differently. Each source of inspiration looks differently, individually. It is a very private, very intimate process.

The exhibition of painting lasted two weeks. During the vernissage, the exhibition was visited by nearly 150 people, mainly art critics, curators and collectors.